Wall Decor Panels, Natural Wall covering and Surfacing
and Capiz Mother of Pearl Laminated Shell Tiles

Jumbo Pacific, Inc. is the Capiz Mother of Pearl Wall Decor manufacturer and exporter and we have a collection of capiz mother of pearl tiles that are inlaid and laminated by our finest shells craftsmen to make such a beautiful shell tiles and wall decor panels with different unique designs, color, shape sizes and different seashells. Our laminated shells tiles and wall decor panels are made from natural seashell materials such as capiz shells, blacklip, brownlip, mother of pearl (MOP), Paua and many more. Interior designers are using our products the Capiz Mother of Pearl shell tiles and wall panels. Our product are use to make the walls of homes and offices elegant and beautiful especially the Hospitality industry business such banks, hotels, restaurant, condominium, office buildings and more. The effect of our product in your walls are very natural and makes it very elegant and charming.

The laminated Motherofpearl shell tile wall panels are available in different color, design, shape, and sizes. The laminated capiz shell tile MOP wall panels is also available in different kinds of sea shells. The natural wall decor shell walling panels can make the walls of your home, office or hotel rooms beautiful with its natural stone and brick effect.